Thursday 04.17.2014

Rest Day

Come in and get recovered and work on your weaknesses!

Jen and I will be heading to Chicago for the North Central Regional.  The gym will have modified hours during that time frame.  We will be gone from May 8th through the 12th.  We will have an updated schedule for you once we finalize it.  If anyone is interested in going and want to see some high levels athletes, we would highly recommend it!  If you have any questions email us at

Wednesday 04.16.2014

Clean deadlift plus shrug (100%)


Back Squat



40 Knees to elbow buy-in

3 rounds for time

15 Wall Balls

15 Hand Release Push Ups

100 Double Under buy out


Hip extension static hold (45 seconds)

rest 2min


Classics will be the 24 of May at 10am so set your calenders and we will be doing a great workout for Memorial Day weekend.  We will have more information this week!  We will have sign ups this week as well.  Email us if you have any questions.

murphJust a hint!

Monday 04.14.2014








Power Cleans (155/110)


Kipping HSPUs 15 seconds

rest 1 min

C2B Pull ups (30 seconds)

rest 1 min

shortsWe will be placing the shorts order this Friday, we will charge your card this Friday if not told otherwise.  Make sure you get yours this week!  Ladies we haven’t forgotten about you, we are in the process of getting some booty shorts made for y’all!  We will have more info to come.

Saturday 04.12.2014

Teams of 4

Each team member must complete

800m of running

80 push ups

80 kb swings (1.5/1)

80 overhead walking lunges with wall ball (20/14)

Only one person working at each movement at one time

1015 optional strength work


2, 2, 2, 2, 85% of clean

Snatch grip rdls 90%


Handstand walks 30ft

Rest 30 sec

Pistols x16 (alternating)


Wednesday 04.09.2014



Barbell Front Rack Walking lunges

3×20 steps (135/95)


Rest 1:1 between runs







GHD sit ups x20

rest 1min

Turkish Get ups x5 each (2/1.5)

Upcoming Timeline for Regionals!


March 3-April 7. The top 60 individual competitors must submit video of Open Workout 14.4.

April 5. Tickets to regionals go on sale.

April 9. First round of individual invites sent to the top 48 individual competitors in each region.

April 9-12. Top 48 must accept or decline individual invites.

April 12. Second round of individual invites sent out, if any spots remain.

April 12-14. Second round invitees must accept or decline individual invites.

April 14. Individual athletes removed from team scores and team Leaderboards recalculated. Team invites sent out to the top 30 teams in each region.

April 17. All four Masters Qualifier workouts released.

April 17-21. Top 200 Masters competitors worldwide in each age division must complete and submit scores and videos for the four workouts.

April 21. Masters Qualifier scores and videos due by 5 p.m. PT.

May 9. Regionals begin!

May 9-11. North Central (Chicago, Ill.), Canada West (Vancouver, B.C., Canada), South East (Jacksonville, Fla.), Latin America (Santiago, Chile)

May 16-18. Central East (Cincinnati, Ohio), Canada East (Toronto, Ontario), North West (Kent, Wash.), Europe (Copenhagen, Denmark), Australia (Wollongong, Australia).

May 23-25. Mid Atlantic (Washington, D.C.), SoCal (Del Mar, Calif.), South Central (San Antonio, Texas), Asia (Seoul, South Korea).

May 30-June 1. North East (Canton, Mass.), NorCal (San Jose, Calif.), South West (Salt Lake City, Utah), Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa).