Wednesday 10.22.2014

How proficient is your Snatch?

Snatch (80%)

1 rep every minute for 20 minutes

You only get one attempt every minute if you miss you do not get to record that rep.

Record successful reps!

If time remaining run a 800m + 400m + 200m, with these you will touch the wall and go for your next run.


Ashley and Matt putting in work at our Saturday call outs!


Monday 10.20.2014

Last week of our Strength Program!

Back Squat

x6 (85%)

x3 (90%)

x2 (95%)


5 Thursters (95/65)

5 Overhead Squats (95/65)

6min AMRAP

Remember this Saturday we will have our 9;15am class and our 10:15am class will be closed for the Workshop.  Come get your workout in and spend some time with us learning how to improve your life inside and outside of the gym!  This will be a workshop you do not want to miss!

9 Factors Seminar-page-001 (1)


Saturday 10.18.2014


Mel. C putting in work at the Battle of the Belles!

Workout Challenge 2 person teams

100 Double Unders (50 each)

50 Push Ups (one person does push ups other hold plank)

50 T2B (one person does T2B while other hangs from pull ups bar)

50 Shoulder to Overhead (160/110) (one person works while other holds rack position)

50ft Lunge with bar in front rack (one person lunges the length of gym while other person squats for each lunge partner takes)

Level 3-4-5 doe above

Level 1-2

100 each single unders

Knee Push ups

Sit ups or knee to armpit

S2OH (135/95)(95/65)

Lunge same


Wednesday 10.15.2014

Snatch 1RM

20 min to establish

You are allowed 3 misses


20 min to establish

Max Clean and Jerk

You are allowed 3 misses

Great read from T-Nation (some ads may not be kid or business friendly)

The Deadlifts Dirty Secret

I have talked to a few of you about this exact thing and if you want to keep your low back from hurting after deadlifts maybe we should start to regularly put you on plates.  Safer=Healthier!

Monday 10.13.2014

by exposurelabs.

Has nothing to do with fitness but very interesting and mind blowing.  We have to find ways to save our environment and be friendly to earth, lets come together and find a local organization to help out with our local environment.  If you have any suggestions email us at

Back Squat

x6 (80%)

x3 (85%)

x2 (90%) max 16 reps


Row 800m

30 Pull ups

15 HSPUs

for time