Personal Training & Athlete Assessment

Personal Training

We sit down with you individually to see how we can help you achieve your personal goals. We have helped people achieve many goals ranging from, weight loss, better sleep, increasing muscle mass, bodybuilding, athletic performance, endurance races, 50 mile runs, older populations, better range of motion, and anything that will improve your quality of life.  We talk about nutritional macro-nutrient breakdown and how we can help you eat better as well. We are here to help anyone, at any age, with any goal.  If you are a grandmother or grandfather who needs to be able to get up and down the stairs or chair we have worked with people to be more independent.  If you have a child who wants to move better and learn how to properly move their body during play or sport we have help kids learn how to move safely!  We have helped everyone in between as well!  Email with any questions or click the link below to set up your One Hour Fitness Assessment!

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Athlete Assessment

We also perform athlete assessments for middle school, high school, college, and beyond athletes.  These cover the basic barbell lifts that you will and are seeing in the strength and conditioning setting.  We will also test your athletes flexibility and range of motion to see if there are any areas that have a high potential for injury.  We also sit down and review the nutritional habits to see if the athlete is getting a well balanced macro-nutrient for their specific sport!  Email with any questions.  Sign up for your One Hour Athlete Assessment by clicking the link below!

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