Free Class or Dropping In

Artis Strength and Fitness is not your average gym. You will push yourself to your limits, test yourself physically and mentally like never before, and develop friendships along the way.  You will learn about what TRUE health and fitness are here more than anywhere else, from coaches who are more qualified than anyone in the area.  If you want a place where you can come and be yourself AND be able to achieve (and even exceed) your health and fitness goals, you’ve found the place.

WE WILL NOT GIVE OUT PRICING INFORMATION PRIOR TO YOUR FREE TRIAL CLASS. We absolutely don’t share our prices until you have at least visited our facility and taken a class, no exceptions. We stand firmly by this not because we’re chasing after your phone number or email to relentlessly pressure you in to joining (who has time to do that???), but because not all Gyms are created equal; each is individually owned and operated. We stand by our assertion that we are the best, and this can not be understood by simply looking at our pricing structure. So, come in for a free class, and we will subsequently send you an (singular/one/uno/un/eins) email with all of the information you need to know about our prices. Also, we know our gym may not be the perfect fit for everyone; we want you to be confident in your decision to choose us over the competition.

See you soon and we look forward to meeting you. Click here to sign up for your free class or if you are dropping in “Artis Strength and Fitness”



  1. I heard from some at 402 that you are having a free week on Monday. I would like to come to that too.

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