Artis Gymnastics

Thursday’s from 430pm-530pm

Artis Gymnastics classes are designed not only to learn fun gymnastics skills, but also to help improve strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Many gymnastics skills translate extremely well to other sports, as well as everyday life. How many of you have tripped over a curb, or had a foot slip out from under you on a slick floor? Practicing gymnastics prepares your body for the unexpected, so when something like that happens you are better prepared to respond. That might mean you can react quickly enough to avoid a fall, or if you do fall, your ability to understand where your body is in space will allow you to fall as safely as possible.

Another aspect that plays a big role in gymnastics training is the ability to overcome fear. While we won’t ask you to do anything crazy, there might be a few things that we work on that you consider to be pretty far outside of your comfort zone. With proper progressions and practice, you will be amazed at what your body can do! Those “scary” movements will become routine, and you will begin to enjoy the new challenges and with a little hard work and dedication will most definitely do things you never imagined possible. 

The class is designed for the beginner gymnast in mind, but can easily be adapted to challenge any level of gymnastics experience. We will work on skills on the floor, the bars, the rings and the balance beam, as well as incorporating strength and flexibility work during each class. Come prepared to do some work, but also have a lot of fun!