These are typical questions we get from current and perspective members about CrossFit and CrossFit Artis.

1.  How much is your membership?

We do not discuss price until you have tried out your first free class.  After your free class we will discuss our prices and how we get you started.

2. What is CrossFit?

CrossFit Inc. defines it as: “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad times and modal domains.”

CrossFit is very hard to explain, it is better understood when experienced.  We do everything from Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Mono-structural movements (running, rowing, biking, etc.) and everything in between.  Come in for your free class and experience for yourself!

3.  What if I have never done any of these movements?

We have an Introductory package that all new members must go through.  These intros cover the movements that we will be doing in class and it also allows you as a client to understand where you are at with your fitness.  You will also get a nutrition consultation, that will introduce to “you” how you should be eating to your specific needs.  These sessions will give you a great start to when you come to our classes!

4. What if I have never lifted weights before, can I do CrossFit?

Yes, CrossFit can be scaled or modified to anyone needs and abilities.  We have members that are brand new to lifting weights and we also have members who are competitive in the sport of CrossFit.  Our goal at CrossFit Artis is to give all our clients individual attention in a group style class.  If you have had previous injuries, mobility issues, joint pain, or all of the above CrossFit can be modified to your needs.  We focus on technique and full range of motion, we are not concerned with how fast you move but how well you move.

5. What should I eat?

During your intros you will get a detailed explanation on what we preach at CrossFit Artis.  It is not Paleo, it is not a diet, it is just how we are supposed to eat!  Interested email us and set up your free class or if you want a personal consultation email us at crossfitartis@gmail.com.

6.  Will I get big and bulky doing CrossFit?

No, you will not get big and bulky doing CrossFit.  We are here to improve your mobility and have you get into the best shape of your life.  If we were to get you big and bulky we would be doing the opposite of those goals.  Your body will change and adapt to the demands we put on it, and you will love the changes you get!

7. I am a runner, will CrossFit help?

Yes, this is where programming running and CrossFit has to be planned individually depending on what your goals are.  Always remember, “What you are training for?”  Come in and we can show you how you can benefit from both.

8.  I am used to lifting weights everyday, should I do that after CrossFit everyday?

No, you will not need to.  Our program involves a heavy amount of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and gymnastics.  Doing these movements to the correct range of motion will give you more benefit then isolation lifts.

9.  Am I too old to do CrossFit?

No, at CrossFit Artis we have trained kids from 12-13 years old to adults from 65-70 years old.  You just need a willingness to change your life and you can CrossFit at any age!

10.  How do I get started?

Click on our getting started link on our webpage and set up a profile on our MINDBODY system.  After you have set that up email us and we can set up a time for you to come in for your free trial.

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