Tuesday 04.25.2017

Photo courtesy of Competitors Calendar

Allison is our Featured Athlete of the Week and here is her story!
“My background in fitness/sports started at age 6 in gymnastics. I was a competitive gymnast through high school, after which I coached gymnastics for several years. I went to an engineering (nerd) college, so sports weren’t a huge deal on campus, but I continued to stay relatively active playing intramural soccer and flag football, lifting weights in the campus fitness center and practicing yoga several times a week. After graduating, I continued to workout in the fitness center at work, and in my mid-twenties found the sport of mountain biking. 

Fast forward 10 years or so, two babies, and a move halfway across the country. After not riding for 5ish years (following a broken arm from a crash when my oldest was a baby), I got back on my mountain bike here in Omaha. I started racing in the local series, and eventually made my way onto the Trek Midwest Women’s Cycling team. I love compteting, especially on mountain bikes, and especially long distance races because it’s not only a great physical challenge, but also (and maybe even more so) a great mental challenge.
After a few years of racing, however, I was feeling like I couldn’t maintain weight, and more importantly strength, throughout the season. The long hours of endurance training were taking a toll. Crossfit had always been on my radar as something I knew I would really enjoy, so when I saw Artis was having a free week last winter, I finally decided to give it a shot. My goal at the time was to get stronger, and be able to maintain that strength throughout the bike racing season. 
After only a couple of months, I already felt stronger, both on the bike and off. Mountain biking is very taxing on the whole body, so actually having some muscles in my upper body made a huge difference! Getting the bike up and over obstacles was easier, and I felt much more stable on fast, technical downhills. At 41 years old, I think I might be as strong or even stronger now than I ever have been. I love not having to rely on the guys at Home Depot to load bags of mulch into my SUV, or seeing the look on their faces when I shoulder two 40 lb. bags of water softener salt, while politely declining their offers for help. 🙂 
Crossfit has also given me another outlet for my competitive spirit. The constant variety of the workouts keeps things exciting, and there is always something to look forward to learning or improving. Workouts are scalable and adaptable to work around any kind of physical limitation. I’ve been able to maintain fitness, and even gain strength all while dealing with a knee injury for the past several months, thanks to the amazing coaches we have. 
The benefits I have gained since joining Artis reach far beyond just the added physical strength, however. I found a community that was instantly accepting and encouraging. I found a place that not only welcomed me, but also my family. Artis is such an amazing collection of people from all different backgrounds and experiences, who come together each day to cheer each other on and lift each other up. I also love that my girls have so many strong women to look up to as role models at the gym. They spend a good amount of time watching us lift really heavy stuff, and have commented many times about how they can’t wait to get stronger so they can do the same. They feel confident about their strong bodies and love bragging about all of the fun and challenging things they get to do in their kids class. 

I feel so lucky to have found a place that my girls and I enjoy so much! We love our Artis family!”

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

50 Double Unders


9 DB/KB Front Squats

9 DB/KB Push Presses

9 DB/KB Thrusters

Rest as needed

4 sets


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