Monday 12.12.2016

We are very saddened by the news that we lost a friend of ours a few days ago. Angela Lefler Fereday will be remember in our eyes is someone who is passionate, hard working, and loved her family!  Some of you know Hannah (Angela’s sister) and/or Zach Ries (Hannah’s husband) from the gym.  Jen and I  have known their family for a long time and it saddens us to hear about this news.  They have a gofundme page that they are asking to help alleviate some burden from the family.  Send some nice words their way and/or donate to their page.

I remember competing with Angela a long time ago and remember how she won the first regional workout in 2009. She loved to run and deadlift so today will be a workout in honor of her. 


3 rounds

8 deadlifts (300/195)

400m run (100 Double Unders)

Here is the video from 2009.
Donate here:


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