Monday 10.17.2016

CrossFit Artis – CrossFit

Becky J. is one of the best people to be around and she brings so much happiness and fun to our classes. We love to see everyday and we are happy to have her be apart of our community!

Becky Jolly Featured Athlete Story

What was your first impression of CrossFit 

That you all are crazy! I stand by that assessment. 😉 It seemed hard but the good kind of challenge—like you win every time you walk into the gym. I’ve never been a physical person, so I had no idea I was capable of this level of workout until I tried it.

 What got you to stay?

I feel so proud of myself every single time I walk out the door. No matter how much I have to scale the WOD and how many reps I miss, when I leave I know I did something to improve my physical well-being. And I want the next step. I want to scale up and get better at what I’m doing. I know the only way to accomplish this is to keep at it.

What do you like most about Artis?
The people. CrossFit is like a family. We laugh, struggle and succeed together. I never feel like I’m on this journey to health and fitness by myself because I have a huge group of people supporting me and being supported by me. And most of the members are as crazy as I am, which helps a lot.

What is your background story and why you are here?
I had never been an athletic person. I didn’t really do sports in high school or college (unless tequila counts as a sport), but I was lucky enough to be relatively thin eating whatever. Then, in 2008, I went through a pretty bad breakup that started a chain of events that led to a very significant weight gain. I couldn’t consistently eat correctly, wasn’t getting any exercise and struggled with anxiety and depression for several years. I tried to eat Paleo and did okay, but it wasn’t consistent enough to see any real results. At one point, I was pretty convinced that I was the one person who couldn’t lose weight. By January of 2015, I knew I needed to make changes, so I contacted a previous personal trainer who recommended CrossFit Artis, and I came in for a free class (along with trying several other gyms). While I LOVED Artis, I wasn’t ready to commit to the expense. I PROMISED myself that I would join a cheap gym and really go, really eat well and that would be that. That year things got better, but I continued to put on weight and struggle with some of those issues.

In December of 2015 I experienced a life-changing event in the form of a crazy British dude named Matthew Hussey. He hosted a retreat which I attended and realized that I had some SERIOUS changes to make. I had a major shift in perspective. The problem with my lifestyle wasn’t about physical appearance. It wasn’t really even about health. It was about learning to treat myself well. I had finally discovered my “big why,” and while I had the motivation to make significant changes, I knew then that in order to make those changes I needed assistance.

As soon as I got back from the retreat, I emailed Jon and told him I needed to join Artis for realsies. I came in for another free class, we had a chat, I joined and the rest is history. I’m pretty sure my first words to my coach were “Please don’t kill me.” It was (and is) really hard. That’s okay. I have a moment every single class where I ask myself, “Why did I think I could do this?” But in the end it turns out I can do it. I’ve had the best year of my life in terms of growth and change. I can do things now that I didn’t know existed 9 months ago. I’ve never felt stronger, and I’m making great progress towards my weight loss goal. And the best part is that I don’t even think about whether or not I am going to class. It’s just going to happen. CrossFit Artis is such a huge part of my success. All I have to do is show up, and they take it from there (okay, I have to sweat, too, but that’s it, I swear). They create an environment that is fun to be in, that makes me want to show up. My coaches, Chris, Jon, Matt and Nahe, push me to do better every class. They believe in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. I’ve also learned how to fail, which is a natural part of learning any new sport. I’m getting better at it, and it makes me brave. Finally, my classmates are the besssst (shout out to 6:30, you guys rock)! Everyone is kind and friendly, to the point where I didn’t introduce myself to most of the people there, we just started talking and joking and encouraging each other. In addition to a ton of encouragement from my friends and family, the support that my Artis family provides makes all of the difference in the world. That’s the environment they cultivate at CrossFit Artis. And sometimes they play the Foo Fighters, because even at an amazing place like Artis, it’s still possible to level up.

 – One thing people should know about CrossFit.

There is no excuse for not trying CrossFit Artis. They can work with any age, body type, athletic level and physical ailment. If you think “I’m too [insert excuse here] for CrossFit,” you’re wrong. I’ve been scaling the workouts from day one and will be scaling for a very long time, but I’m making progress. And yes, it’s going to hurt. So does doing nothing. You get used to it. Give it a shot! 

I’ve literally never written more about myself. Point is: CrossFit Artis is good, their coaches are good, and if you join and go consistently they will make you good, too. 

*Drops mic*



Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

Press x5

5 rounds of Cindy

5 pull ups

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

Rest 3min

4 rounds


About artisstrengthandfitness

I am the head Strength Coach at Artis Strength and Fitness. I have been coaching and teaching fitness for over four years. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them understand "true fitness".
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