Friday 02.05.2016


Anne K. is our Featured Athlete of the Week and here is her story:

At the urging of a friend who was a member at CFA, my sister Kate and I nervously showed up and completed our first CrossFit class in August of 2012. Neither of us died, and shortly thereafter we decided to join CFA. Having previously been a runner and before that, a YMCA sports kid, CrossFit was quite a departure from the days of my dad coaching my third grade basketball team and me crying every game because he was yelling at me from the sidelines.

Watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN and following professional CrossFit athletes on social media is cool, but it’s the community with which you surround yourself day-to-day that will really make the difference. The CFA community makes it easy to work out every day. I’m guaranteed interesting conversation at 4:30 class, a donut at 5:00 class (thanks Emily Hill and Justin Andresen), a chill 5:30 class, quality Miller Time at 6:30 class, and great coaching at every class.

CrossFit challenges me both physically and mentally, as workouts require strategy and forethought. Some days my strategy works and a lot of days, it doesn’t. But, I show up. I do the work. Sometimes, I even do competitions when Emily Hill signs us up and tells me about it later, and I spend the entire competition day telling her I’ll never let her do this to me again. My greatest CrossFit accomplishment isn’t a particular movement or weight (though, if you told my 12-year-old self that I’d actually do a strict pull-up one day, I would never have believed you and neither would my middle school gym teacher), rather it’s that I’m properly preparing myself to live a long, healthy life and that my best days are ahead of me.

1st min

50 Double Unders

2nd min

10 Single Arm KB Power Snatches (1.5/1)

3rd min

15 Toes to bar

4th min

12 Thrusters (115/75)

5th min

10 Burpee Box Jump overs (24/20)

4 rounds


If you have not signed up do so HERE!

We will be putting teams together before the start of the CrossFit Open!


About artisstrengthandfitness

I am the head Strength Coach at Artis Strength and Fitness. I have been coaching and teaching fitness for over four years. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them understand "true fitness".
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