Wednesday 11.11.2015


Emily H. is our Featured Athlete this week!  She has an amazing family and we are happy to have her and her family at CrossFit Artis.  Here is her story:

I first got into CrossFit in April 2012. I was really into kickboxing at the time, and Brett (my husband) had just started going to a Crossfit in town. He told me I would love the workouts and I had to try it. He would not stop talking about the “AMRAP, EMOM, Fran” etc. At my first class, Brett bet me $50 he would beat me in the burpee, box jump, and running workout. As per usual, he didn’t win, but I was completely hooked on CrossFit after that. It was so fun to see improvements every week and get out of the house for an hour! I joined CrossFit Artis with Brett around June 2013, when I was 8 months pregnant with our third child. Our friends, Joe and Caeli Hurley, had told us that the coaching at Artis was amazing and that it was very kid-friendly. We went to the Memorial Day Murph workout and fell in love with community, coaching, and people. I did CrossFit for the full 40 weeks and came back after 6 days. Allie was my easiest and best pregnancy and labor. Jon was always helping me scale the workouts to get good movement in. He will never know how much he helped me during that time.

My biggest accomplishment is getting a muscle up. I’ve had to work really hard to get the gymnastic movements, but I’m proof it can be done. Every week, Jon makes me practice them and I’m so thankful for his help and patience. I’m by no means at expert level, but my goal of being able to do all the movements in CrossFit is getting closer!

Obviously, my favorite part about the gym is the people and community. CrossFit Artis has some of the best people I’ve ever met. I feel like everyone is positive and very genuine. When you walk into a class, you feel welcomed and everyone is happy you are there. The coaching is excellent. You can tell that Jon and Jen care about your health and your fitness. It’s nice to know your coaches want you to improve as much as you do. I would also be remiss if I didn’t say my favorite part of class is working out with my bestie, Anne Koerten. We always have a good time and I’m very glad I met her through CrossFit. I enjoy competing in local team competitions because it gives you something to train for, and so Anne and I can eat at the Cheesecake Factory afterwards.

CrossFit has completely changed my life and I hope it saves my life. My great grandma, grandma, and mother have all had breast cancer and my grandma died of ovarian cancer. I decided that I’m going to do everything possible to decrease my risk. Eating right and exercising routinely will hopefully will put me one step ahead. Yes, I want to look decent in clothes; yes, I want to get stronger; more importantly though, I want to live a long time. The friendships and coaches keep me coming back day after day. I’m so thankful for each and every person at CrossFit Artis.

CrossFit Total

Back Squat 1RM 20min

Press 1RM 15min

Deadlift 1Rm 15min

After a great 10min warm up we will see what your CrossFit Total results are!

Compare to 04.08.2015



About artisstrengthandfitness

I am the head Strength Coach at Artis Strength and Fitness. I have been coaching and teaching fitness for over four years. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and help them understand "true fitness".
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