Monday 06.23.2014


Artis Fit Kids Summer Camp.  Big thanks to Coach Ann and Coach Ashley for putting this on!

We are almost finished with the Performance Testing. If you have not printed out your sheet do so, we have a binder for you to put your records in. If you have missed any days, you can still make them up. Plus if you ever hit a new PR or do something that bumps you up in the levels write it down in your sheet and keep testing yourself to get better!

Clean Deadlift
3-3-3-3 TnG (Touch and Go)

Lateral Barbell Lunges 5 each leg
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 all unbroken
HSPUs (sub push ups or box HSPUs)
Courtesy of OPT

Bench Press x10 + Strict pull up AMRAP superset



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