Wednesday 01.23.2013

High Bar Back Squat


Try to go up in weight each set.  My goal is not a 3RM I want you to try to make your last 3 sets heavy.


10 Push Ups
10 Deadlifts (135/95)
10 Split Jerks (alternate each leg) (135/95)
15min AMRAP

IMG_3670Maureen doing some double unders!  Great to have you aboard and if you have not met her yet, please introduce yourself the next time you see her!

I will need to know by tomorrow if you are competing this weekend.  I want everyone to get involved and compete.  You don’t have to be an all-star to compete all you need is a willingness to have fun.  Email me if you cannot put your name on the board at the gym.  I want us to have a big group since we will be hosting the event.  If there are any volunteers that would like to help please email me as well!

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